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BD600 Series High Performance Vector Control General Purpose Inverters


Product overview

BD600 series is latest version for high performance vector inverter based on BD330. Multiple control modes ,New vector control algorithm can achieve stability at slow speed, stronger load capacity at low frequency. Support SVC,VC and V/F control, and achieved using multiple PG cards. Stronger functions, functional of motor control has clearly raised.

Product features


◆Outstanding performance

◆ Accurate motor parameter self learning

◆ Rapid current limit


◆ Over-excitation gain and oscillation suppression gain

◆ Rapid RUN/STOP

◆ Overvoltage stall protection & Overcurrent stall protection

◆Support both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor

◆ Support multiple control mode

     Speed sensorless vector control (SVC), sensor vector control(VC), V/F control

◆ Swing frequency control function

◆ None-stop when instantaneous power off

◆ Simple PLC

◆ Multiple motor switch

    Two groups of motor parameters, and control two motors by one inverter.

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◆ Metal processing, numerically-controlled machine tool, drawbench and other mechanical equipment.
◆ Boiler fan, induced draft fan, exhaust blower underground coal mine.
◆ Municipal engineering, energy conservation transformation for central air-conditioning.
◆ Cyclone cluster, centrifugal fan, etc.
◆ Circulating water pump, make-up pump, oil field injection pump, fuel delivery pump, music fountain.
◆ Papermaking equipment, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, etc.



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